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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 24, 2019

May 24, 2019

Sweeps indicate that all the major players are out there.  Weevil is over threshold in some locations.  We put a spray of Exirel on State Bog Friday morning to manage weevil.  We will let you know how it fares.  We have picked up or heard reports of larvae from gypsy moth, green spanworm, Spag and black-headed fireworm, but most reports have been under threshold.  Vines, except maybe Howes in cold locations, will only tolerate temperatures above 29.5 F now.  With clear nights in the near forecast, continue to be vigilant for frost protection.  Some varieties have buds that are expanded and reaching ¼ to ½ inch long.  LW bogs on Cape Cod should be in their last week of flooding.

Be careful if you are applying Intensity or Intensity One during roughneck.  It is the one growth stage where applications are associated with floral deformities. Grasses are emerging, growing and setting flowers now.  All of the clethodim products (Select and Intensity) and Poast work best if applied BEFORE the grass flowers.  You will still get some control, but it won’t be as good as with applications made prior to flowering. Intensity and IntensityOne are the only grass herbicides that can be applied through the irrigation system and that have the restrictive application language removed.  These SLNs are on our web site under Service/Special Pesticide Labels.  Poison ivy is emerging.  I would recommend delaying applications of Callisto for control until the leaves are fully expanded.  You want to be able to get good coverage for the best control. Our work shows you can apply in June and July; the most important thing to get good control seems to be applying twice in one season and then repeating the double application the next year.

We are hosting a bogside workshop this Wednesday May 29 at 10.  Meet under the oaks if the weather is good or in the library if the weather is inclement.