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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 26, 2011

May 26, 2011

The weather has not been cooperating as far as getting sprays out.  Wednesday was one of the best days so far and folks were out sweeping.  Reports are variable, but high counts of weevil and BHF are in.  Avaunt sprays have been going out for weevil.  Winter moth is mostly through its cycle on the bog.  If you are going to be using pheromone traps to time Spag, girdler or BHF infestations, traps should be out by June 1.  How you use the trap count information will depend on your management choice.  If using growth regulators vs BHF, timing is 2 weeks after ONSET of moth flight and another 10 days later; for other insecticides, applications are made 10 days after peak.  For Spag, timing is 3 weeks after ONSET of moth flight (+ at least one more spray); for other insecticides, applications are made 10-14 days after peak. 

There has been some confusion about what rates to use for QuinStar.  The high-end rates (12.5 oz for the 4L and 8 oz for the DF) are leftovers from the first year we got the Section 18 permit.  We had failures (related to the timing of application, but we didn’t know that at the time), so we asked EPA to increase the usual label rate.  That’s the history.  Here’s the now.  The bottom line is that you should get good control with 8 oz of the 4L or 5.3 oz of the DF.  It is probably best to get used to these rates as when the full label come through, this is what will be permitted.

Growth stages are really variable.  Some bogs have barely 0.25 inch new growth and other are approaching jewel stage.  Dodder growth seems to have been held back some due to the cold, wet weather.  However, it should start to perk up when we get some nice weather.