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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 26, 2023

May 26, 2023

This has been a difficult spring for getting sprays out due to all the frost nights. Many growers are struggling to find windows to apply chemicals, especially those that require holding times, like Bravo, Actara and Fanfare.  The current forecast predicts higher nighttime temperatures starting around Sunday-Memorial Day so if you have been waiting to get a spray or sprays out, there may be a window coming soon.

Weevil is still the story of the week as we continue to pick up numbers above threshold. Remember most handlers are restricting Fanfare use with a 100- or 110-day PHI for export. We are still picking up all sizes of green spanworm larvae, and even have pupa in lab already. Small spag were reported in Halifax. Scale reports continue to come in. Although other formulations are available, we have heard reports that the liquid formulations of Diazinon may be harder to find this season.

Some of the hybrids, super hybrids and Ben Lear have hook-already, especially if they got sanded.

Many bogs are showing stressed areas, with scale spots on many sites. Be on the lookout for Phytophthora as wet (waterlogged) areas have surely exacerbated by many frost nights. Poor drainage prevents rapid drying, weakens vines, and makes the plants susceptible to infections by fungal pathogens (Phytophthora root rot and fruit rot). Proper soil drainage results in optimal aeration of roots, healthy vines and improved fertilizer use efficacy. Poorly aerated root zones limit the plants ability to uptake nutrients from the soil. If you suspect Phytophthora or any other diseases in your bog, please contact Leela Uppala (508-296-5330) for diagnosis.

Deer-tongue grass and other early grass species are up and actively growing.  This is the best window to treat with Select or Intensity. These grass herbicides are most effective when applied to actively growing grasses before they flower.  Intensity One is the only grass herbicide that can be chemigated.

We will be holding the second Insect Clinic on Tuesday May 30 7:30-9:30 am. Come to the Makepeace Room in the Bogside building and then we will go to the labs.