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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 31, 2013

May 31, 2013

Many growers have been treating with Avaunt over the past few weeks for winter moth or weevil. We learned that gypsy moth sometimes gets through Avaunt, similar to spag getting through. One site had false army, blossom, weevil, bhf on a few pieces plus some spag too with all at, or close to, threshold. Another grower found spanworms in numbers greater than 50 in a sweep net in one case, along with weevil and cutworms. A grower in Rochester had gypsy moth, winter moth and brown spanworm. Another found spag only starting this week, and not just small ones. One grower had cutworms that made it through a long rinse time (end of line) of Delegate. We had weevil at Rocky Pond and sprayed on 5/18 and checked midweek with no return. State Bog had low counts of winter moth and weevil. On a late water bog, a grower reported high weevil and mid-range spanworm counts. 

From IPM Scout Monika Shuler: In her fourth week of scouting and reports: most growers had high enough counts to treat two weeks ago and most used Avaunt for fireworm, winter moth, green spanworm and a few cutworms. Last week counts were down. This week, however, is a completely different story - there has been nothing short of another "explosion" of insect pests - namely cutworms and an extended hatch of green spanworm. The bottom line is that the larvae are back and they're big.