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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 6, 2011

May 6, 2011

The latest pictures for frost tolerance are available on our home page (from May 5).  Winter moth larvae are out.  The Ent Lab suggests not spraying until you have at least an average of 10 larvae per set and since they are spanworms, perhaps consider using 18 as your AT.  We have heard of one report of 40-50 larvae in a sweep, so they are out there!  Black-headed fireworm larvae are out as well, though not many.  We have heard that there are a few cranberry weevil being swept, but again not many.  It is definitely too early to spray for weevil at this point.  False armyworm has hatched.  Remember they eat a lot more than winter moth larvae and the AT is 4.5.  QuinStar applications are going out now and now is the good window for many bogs.  Next week should be a good window, weather permitting.

We are looking for a couple of sites to test QuinStar for dodder control.  The study areas are pretty small and you would just need to block heads where our plots are whenever herbicides would be applied.  This study would be easiest for bogs contracted under independent handlers since QuinStar use is not restricted and all fruit could be delivered.  We would need to set the plots up ASAP.  If you have a piece that you would be willing to let us use, call Hilary at ext 21 or Krystal at ext 13.