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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 6, 2014

May 6, 2014

Newly emerged dodder seedlings were found in Carver over the weekend. They were abot 1" long. Folks will be applying herbicides to control dodder seedlings in the next 7-14 days depending on weather, history of infestation, and experience of control. Consider using 2 applications of Casoron if you can afford it and if your problem is severe enough. Allow 2-3 weeks between applications. Growers have used two 30 lb applications with no reported injury but I do not know how two 40 lb applications would be on vine health. If your vines are compromised from other issues, putting a lot of Casoron on top of them will only increase your chances of injury.

Late Water
If your LW flood is gone, your buds will need protecting at 29.5. Currently, buds are between budswell and cabbagehead. EB and H are at 22, ST is at 25 and BL are at 27.

Scouting Reports
A number of scouts have reported very low numbers of winter moth larvae this past week. Larvae are definitely chowing away in the blueberries. Cranberry weevil has been picked up in very low numbers. You should plan to start scouting next week.