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IPM Message for Cranberry Growers: May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017

Dodder has been reported in the seedling stage in Carver over the weekend.  We had dodder emerge in our buckets by the greenhouse on May 3 (last week). If you are using Casoron and you have seedlings emerging, you should plan your application for about 7-10 days from this early emergence period.  If you are using Callisto (especially through chemigation), growers have had good luck going sooner rather than later.  QuinStar applications can be made on the approximate schedule of Casoron and perhaps even a little later as it is an “early postemergence” product. If you opt for 2 applications of Callisto, you must allow 14 days to pass; 30 days are needed between QuinStar applications.  Casoron does not have any specific label restrictions regarding intervals, but in general, allow 2-3 weeks between applications, if you are doing more than one.

Sweeps have indicated that GM larvae are out there in great numbers, 20-30+ per sweep.  We are finding them and hearing of reports of GM much more than for winter moth.  The weather has been incredibly uncooperative for getting sprays out.  One grower is putting out a 48 hr flood this week for GM moth control.  We have anecdotal evidence that this can definitely help and it is certainly better than NOT getting a spray out. We have gotten 4 reports of BHF appearing in sweeps, but not high enough overall to trigger a spray. With this unstable weather pattern (and frost possibilities), you must jump and sweep at the first lull.  Sweeps of weevil over threshold have been reported but not for the bog overall.  This is a bit earlier than usual, perhaps due to the heat we had earlier in the month.

We had a grower inquire about mixing Sevin XLR with QuinStar.  We have not tried this (for compatibility or for efficacy), but we would not recommend this combination.  QuinStar is designed with a very long residual and should be washed in.  Sevin works just the opposite.  You want it to contact the insects and be as concentrated as possible.  If anyone has tried this and has a different perspective, please call me (x21) or Marty (x20) and tell us your experience.