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Cranberry Station News

IPM Message Postings

Postings from 2017 can be found under "IPM Message" quick link (right).  Between now and Spring 2018, updates will only be made on an "as needed" basis.

EPA Denies Section 18 Petition for Kerb

EPA reviewed the Section 18 request for the use of Kerb 3.3 SC to control dodder and determined our petition did not provide information that establishes an "emergency condition".  In order to use a pesticide not labeled for use, a non-routine event must be described and substantiated to confirm that the pest problem rises to the level of an "emergency".  EPA acknowledged that while dodder may be a difficult pest to manage, it is a routine condition.

Thus, Kerb CANNOT be applied to cranberry bogs! It is an illegal application.  Any questions, please call me.

Hilary Sandler, x 21

TerraGator Sanding at State Bog

On April 10th, the Stevens sections of State Bog were sanded on the vines using a TerraGator.  Huge thanks to Matt Beaton of Sure Cran Services for providing the equipment and operator and to Glenn Reid and the A.D. Makepeace Company for providing the sand.  Aerial video was shot that day by Ryan Wicks of UMass Amherst and can be viewed on our Facebook Page.  Some ground-level video shot by Carolyn DeMoranville can be viewed on our YouTube channel.

2017 Frost Tolerance reports have begun
Ben Lear cranberry buds

Frost tolerance checks began on April 5th. After each tolerance check visit to Rosebrook Bog in Wareham, a report will be posted to the Craberry Station website. Click on the quick link for Frost Tolerance to see the reports.

2017 Chart Book now available

The 2017 Chart Book has been posted to the Cranberry Station website.  Hard copies are available to be picked up at the Cranberry Station (free). There is a $5.00 fee to have the book shipped to U.S. addresses.  There is an additional $5.00 purchase fee for non-Massachusetts residents.

2017 Pesticide Recertification Training Workshops - TBD
Bring Pesticide License to Pesticide Recertification meetings

Attending any Pesticide Recertification meetings? New Requirement to Get Contact Hours.  Be sure to bring your current Pesticide License and ID.  You must have your license to receive your paperwork for contact hours at the meeting. 

EPA WPS Train the Trainer Sessions

UMass Extension Pesticide Education Program is sponsoring three train-the trainer workshops on the EPA Worker Protection Standard.  For full information click here.

This is the registration form for the sessions:

WPS Registration Form 2017.

Carolyn DeMoranville interviewed on WCAI

Dr. Carolyn DeMoranville was a guest on the November 21st edition of WCAI radio's Living Lab program.  A summary of the conversation, including a link to the audio of the interview, may be viewed here.

UMass Amherst is searching for the next Director of the UMass Cranberry Station

The University of Massachusetts Cranberry Station is seeking an experienced scientist, innovative leader and Extension educator for a full-time, 12-month, non-tenure appointment as Extension Associate or Full Professor and Director of the Station.