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Weather Summary December 2022

Weather as Recorded at the UMass Cranberry Station:

East Wareham

Prepared by Peter Jeranyama

December 2022 was wet with no snowfall, and slightly warmer than average.  The temperature averaged 35.1 degrees, 0.8 degrees per day above the 30-year average. Maximum temperature was 58 degrees on the 1st ; a minimum temperature of 10 degrees was recorded on the 25th and 26th.  Daytime high temperatures averaged 44.6 degrees, 1.9 degrees above the norm.  Evening temperatures averaged 26.7 degrees, 0.5 degrees above the norm.

Precipitation totaled 5.63 inches; 1.1 inches above normal.  Rainfall was recorded on 12 days and in all these  days,  more than 0.1 inches of rainfall was received. The largest rainfall was 1.55 inches on the 17th.  Total rainfall for 2022 was 47.79 inches, 2.25 inches below the average for East Wareham and 6.41 inches less than the total rainfall for 2021.  The fall months (Sep -Nov) of 2022 were slightly wet, the total rainfall for the fall months was 13.65 inches, 0.46 inches above the 30-year average. In contrast to the total snowfall of 26 inches recorded in December 2020, no snowfalls were recorded in December 2022 as was the case in December 2021. The long-term snowfall average in East Wareham for December is 6.98 inches.

Sunshine for the month (recorded at the Blue Hills Observatory) was above average, totaling 54% of possible, 6 points above the norm.  There were 11 days with 90% or greater sunshine hours and 9 days with no sunshine at all.