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Table 50. Weed Management in Currants and Gooseberries

Table 50. Weed Management in Currants and Gooseberries.
Herbicide Formulation Rate/Acre Remarks
ammonium nonanoate
Fatty acid,
Group 0
Axxe 6-15% v/v Broad spectrum non-selective for control and burndown supression of annual and perennial broadleaf and grass weeds. Also controls "spore" producing plants such as moss and liverworts. See label for detailed and specific purposes in berry crops: begetative burndown, directed and shielded sprays, pre-emergence spray and sucker control, prunning and trimming. Do not allow spray to contact any green desirable plant parts. Do not apply if rain or irrigation expected within 2 hr. Do not irrigate within 2 hrs after application. 
Group 3

Surflan AS
Surflan DF
Surlfan XL 2G

2-6 qt
2.4-7.1 lb
300 lb

Surflan is a pre-emergent herbicide for control of certain annual grasses and broadleaf weeds. Apply prior to germination of targe weeds or immediately after cultivation. Do not grase of feed forage from treated areas to livestock. Surflan AS and DF may be applied to both bearing and nonbearing plants. Rain or irrigation is needed within 21 days after application.
Surflan XL 2G should not be applied to berries that will bear fruit within 12 months after application. Do not apply more than 600 lb/year. 

Group 20
Casoron 4G

100-150 lb (annuals)
150 lb (perennials)

Controls germination seeds and seedlings of annual broadleaf, grasses and some perennial weeds that survive other pre-emergent herbicides. May be used in bearing and non-bearing and nursery stock. Do not apply within 4 weeks after transplanting. Uniforme application is essential - caliabration of applicator designed for spreading granules is appropriate. See label for details of soil surface and incorporated. treatments. 
carfentrazone-ethyl and sulfentrazon
Group 14
Zeus Prime XC 7.7 to 15.2 oz Post-emergence burndown and pre-emergency activity. Broadleaf control including emergeced nutsedge. it should ONLY be applied to established plants that have been in the ground for at least two years. DO NOT apply more than 15.2 fl oz/acre (0.41lb ai) per twelve-month period. 
Group 14
Aim EC
Aim EW
1 – 2 fl oz May be applied as broad cast application during dormant stage of crop. Use as directed application for post-emergence weed control. Use lower rate for control of small weed seedling (2-3 leaf stage); use higher rate for control of larger weeds (up to 6 leaf stage). Applications beyond 6 leaf stage may result in only partial control. Requires non-ionic surfactant or crop oil concentrate.
Group 15
Devrinol 50DF 8 lb Apply in late fall or early spring before seedling weeds emerge. Incorporate within 24 hours of application with either cultivation or water. May be applied to newly planted and established crops.
Devrinol 2XT 2 gal Pre-emergence herbicide for control of annual grasses and small seeded broadleaf weeds. Apply after spring mulch or prior to laying winter mulch. New formulations contain active ingredient more resistance to breakdown in sunlight
Devrinal DF-XT 8 lb
Group 9
Roundup Ultra
Weather Max
Touchdown Hitech + 0.25% NIS2

1 to 5 qt
11 fl oz-3.3 qt
10-30 fl oz 

Preplant or wiper applications only. Do not contact foliage.
glyphosate IPA plus carfentrazone ethyl
Group 9,14
* Rage 20-40 fl oz  Use as direct application for post-emergence weed control. Use lower rate  for small weeds (2-3 leaf stage); use higher rate for control of larger weeds (up to 6 leaf stage). Do not apply within 6-8 hr of rain, irrigation or heavy dew. Do not allow contact with green stem tissue, desirable fruit, blooms or foliage. 
Group 10
* Rely 200 77 fl oz
(weeds< 8”)
115 fl oz
(weeds >8”)
Controls a broad spectrum of emerged annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds, and certain woody species. Apply as a broadcast, banded or spot treatment application depending on the situation. Avoid direct drift onto desirable vegetation. Do not apply more than 230 fl oz/A per year. Do not graze, harvest and/or feed treated cover crops to livestock.
Cheetah 48 to 82 oz Post-emergence control of broadleaf and grasses, biennual and perennial weeds. Avoid contact with green bark tissue or damage may occur. See label for additional instructions and restrictions. 
Lifeline 48 to 82 oz
Group 22
*Gramoxone SL 2.0
* Firestorm
2 to 4 pt
1.3-2.7 pt
Contact herbicide. Use with a non-ionic surfactant or crop-oil concentrate. Apply as a coarse directed spray to wet the weeds. Apply before emergence of new canes or shoots to avoid injury. Use of a shield is highly recommended.
pelargonic acid
Fatty acid,
Group 0
Scythe 2.25-20 gal Apply before new canes emerge in spring or after canes become woody. Do not contact desirable foliage. For burndown of vegetation followed by use of residual control of weeds mix Scythe with recommended soil-active herbicide: annuals (3-5%); perennials (5-7%); maximum burndown (7-10%).  For use on currants only
Group 1
* Select Max
* Intensity One
9-16 oz Apply as a directed spray to the base of the crop and to actively growing weeds.  Grasses under drought stress will not be controlled.  Do not apply more than 64 oz/acre/year.  Do not repeat applications within 14 days.  Do not apply within 1 year of the first harvest.
Group 27
Callisto 3 -6 oz For the control of annual broadleaf weeds. May be applied as a pre-bloom post-directed spray in currants (red and black). No more than two applications per crop per year are allowed and not more than 6 fl oz/A in total per year. If two applications are made, they must be made no closer than 14 days apart.
Group 29
Gallery 75DF 0.66-1.33 lb NON-BEARING USE ONLY.  Do not apply within 1 year of the first harvest.  Apply as a directed spray to the base of the crop after the soil is settled.  Does not control emerged weeds.  See label for a complete list of weeds controlled from seed.
Trellis  0.66 to 1.33 lb Pre-emergence herbicide for control of annual broadleaf weeds. Use ONLY in non-bearing plantings. See lable for application instructions. 

†Where brand names for chemicals are used, it is for the reader’s information. No endorsement is implied, nor is discrimination intended against products with similar ingredients. Please consult pesticide product labels for rates, application instructions and safety precautions. Users of these products assume all associated risks.
*Restricted use pesticide; pesticide applicators license required. OMRI listed for organic production