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Sustainable Viticulture Standards and Business Practices Among Sustainable Wine Producers in Western Massachusetts

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Stockbridge School of Agriculture
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Funding: University of Massachusetts, Amherst, School of Earth & Sustainability, Seed grant

Department of Project: Isenberg School of Management and Stockbridge, School of Agriculture


Today’s consumers process a lot of information when selecting food products, using sustainability as a decision criterion, and coordination mechanisms for collective action organizations for new sustainability standards and practices need to be explored. The proposed project aims to investigate the adoption of sustainable business practices among Western Massachusetts wine producers and the social and environmental factors that may impede the adoption of these practices. The project will collect qualitative data through interviews with local wine producers and industry representatives. The overarching questions that will guide this research include the legitimization of claims of sustainable food production, awareness of existing sustainable practices in wine production, the role of collective action organizations in the adoption of sustainable business practices, grape growing practices with respect to sustainable land use, and environmental planning and policy dimensions that impact local viticulture in terms of regional economic development.

Results: ongoing

Agriculture topics: 
Best Management Practices (BMP)/Environmental Protection
Business Management