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Evaluation of a grower-friendly attract-and-kill IPM system for the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug

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Center for Agriculture, Food, & the Environment
vegetable farm
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Funding: Northeastern IPM Center – Partnership program.


This applied research project aims at evaluating trap cropping in association with the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) pheromone and insecticide-treated netting as a potential IPM tool to manage this invasive pest, particularly near crop harvest. In Massachusetts and other New England states, BMSB is affecting the fruit industry. Fruit growers face tough choices about protecting crops from BMSB near harvest, when pest populations are higher. Broad-spectrum insecticides are effective but also kill beneficial insects and some materials cannot be applied near harvest. Our main research goal is to pull stink bugs to the trap crop areas where they can be killed, away from the cash crop. In year 1, we will quantify BMSB response to sunflower and buckwheat combinations either, alone or in association with the BMSB pheromone. In year 2, we will select the most effective treatment and will assess the effectiveness of this approach at managing BMSB in commercial orchards.


Results: Published in Fruit Notes:


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Insects & Mites
Integrated Pest Management