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Fruit Varieties

Visit the Cold Spring Orchard farmstand where you can find a wide selection of fruit for sale including many of the apples listed below.

Tree Fruit

Golden Russet
Golden Russet apples

Golden Russet is an early American apple, believed to have sprouted from a seed of an English Russet, It was a commercially marketed variety by the early 1800's and won a following.

The yellow flesh is crisp, fine-textured, and brightly flavorful, with a noticeable sweetness that made it a traditional favorite for hard cider. The apples can be used for cooking and drying.

As with most russets, the apples keep well, but they need humid storage if they aren't to get soft under the skin.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

Honeycrisp apple

Released by the University of Minnesota, this Honeygold and Macoun cross is a real crowd pleaser. The fruit is large and the skin is 50-90% red over a golden yellow background. The flesh is cream colored and exceptionally crisp and juicy with sub-acid flavor. This should be savored as a dessert apple but can also be used in sauces.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

Idared apple

This cross of Jonathon and Wagener was introduced in 1942. Despite its origins in Idaho, Idareds are planted mostly in the East and the Midwest.

Uncut, Idared breathes as a sweet perfume. The crisp pale yellow-green flesh is juicy, fine-grained, tender, a bit tart and aromatic, with a taste something like Jonathon. Compared with other late-maturing varieties, Idared has not scoreed on top as a dessert apple. But it keeps its shape and flavor particularly well in pies, cooks down into a nicely colored sauce (leave the peels on and strain), and is often used in apple butter.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

Jonagold apple

The cross of Jonathon and Golden Delicious was released in 1968 and since then has become extremely popular across Europe.

With its aroma of Golden Delicious and the sprightliness of Jonathon, Jonagold is an excellent sweet-tart dessert apple. The texture of the creamy yellow flesh is noticeably crisp and juicy. In a poll of nineteen apple experts in nine countries, Jonagold scored as the overall favorite. The fruit makes fair sauce and a good pie. If picked on time, Jonagolds store fairly well.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

Macoun apples

Macoun has fans who hunt roadside stands watch fall for a bushel or two. It is a prodigy of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station and was introduced in 1923. The apple has some resemblance, in taste and appearance to its parent McIntosh (bred with Jersey Black) but with a darker red over the underlying green and a flavor that many prefer to Mac.

The white flesh is firm, aromatic, and juicy. This is a good pie apple.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

McIntosh apples

This was introduced in 1870 and went on to much fame and crossbreeding. McIntosh is the best-selling apple in the northeastern United States and in Canada.

The apple has white, tender, crisp flesh that's spicy, highly aromatic and full of juice. The characteristic flavor carries over into sauce, but in a pie the slices lose their shape. Macs are the principal cider apple in the Northeast.

Beware of McIntosh as winter wears on; if not stored well, the apples may turn mealy.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

Small Fruit


Lakemont seedless grapes are golden in color, crisp juicy, refreshing and very sweet. They are considered a non-slip grape which means the flesh of the grapes adheres to the skin. They are smaller than the average grapes but aren’t as small as champagne grapes.

Marquis grapes

Marquis is a seedless grape that is yellow green with a light waxy bloom that can take on amber tones if left on the vine to ripen. The skin can be a bit tough but softens up if left longer on the vine to ripen. The flesh is melting and very juicy with a mild but sweet flavor. Marquis produces spherical berries on large clusters. This flavorful fruit is delicious to eat fresh but can also be used to make delicious jellies, jams and desserts. Marquis can also make a nice table wine with hints of pineapple flavors.

Mars Grapes

Mars has the taste you would want from an eastern blue grape but without the seeds. The juicy melting flesh has a sweet taste similar to Concord. These round medium sized fruit have a medium to thick skin that does not adhere to the flesh. Mars has unbeatable flavor without the seeds.