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Fruit Varieties

Visit the Cold Spring Orchard farmstand where you can find a wide selection of fruit for sale including many of the apples listed below.

Tree Fruit

Spartan apples

Spartan is one of the McIntosh clan, being a cross between that parent and Newton Pippin. The ribbed, dark, good-looking fruit buffs nicely. Uncut, it may have a sweet, candy like aroma.

The flesh is firm, crisp , snow white and notably brisk in flavor and aroma. The flavor does not hold up well when cooked and has to lean on a lemon or two. Grower's like Spartan for its disease resistance, and the variety is gaining in popularity.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

Spencer apple

Spencer is a Mcintosh and Red Delicious cross. McIntosh contributed its crisp and juiciness and combines with Delicious to give Spencer its unique sweet-tart flavor. Enjoy this apple in the fall because it loses many of its characteristics in storage. Although this should be enjoyed as an eating apple, Spencer can be used in pies and sauce.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

spigold apple

This large apple might also have been named Synergy for the way it borrows from and improves upon its genetic donors, Northern Spy and Golden Delicious. Within a relatively short period of time Spigold has won a large following. It offers an excellent combination of Spy's crisp, sprightly flesh and the slightly herbal aromatic sweetness of its golden-hued parent. The result is a complex flavor that makes this apple stand out even in taste tests of a hundred varieties Spigold keeps up to three months when refrigerated.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

William's Pride
William's Pride apple

Description coming.

Winter Banana

Is the beautiful lemon yellow, waxy skin responsible for the name? Or does the apple really taste like a banana, as some commentators insist?

The skin is highlights with anything from a pale pink blush to an intense rouge that looks as though it had been spray painted. The apple s often peppered with flecks of near black and bright carmine. A further distinguishing mark may be suture line.

The uncut fruit has a faint, flowery perfume. Inside, the firm flesh is mild a, crisp and juicy. Winter Banana becomes rather unexciting when cooked but it makes a good cider apple.

Apple descriptions taken from Apples by Roger Yepsen (c.1994 , W.W. Norton & Company)

Small Fruit

Suffolk Red

Suffolk Red seedless grapes produce large clusters of round, medium sized red grapes. The grapes are seedless, with a tender skin and mild-flavored meaty flesh. Suffolk Red’s taste is much more mild flavored than the Lubresca (i.e. Concord) grapes. They are of excellent quality and their color can vary from light pink to bright red.

Vanessa grapes

The vines of Vanessa are moderately vigorous and among the hardiest of seedless grapes. Excellent, delicious table grapes. The fruit has a blushing-red skin, the firm yet tender flesh melts smoothly to release the fruity flavor. Also perfect for grape pies, jams or jellies.

Grape Description from Double A. Vineyards, Inc.