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Storm Preparedness and Response

Here are some useful links to prepare for storms and where to go for assistance after a storm.

Info by John Bartok, Extension Professor Emeritus and Agricultural Engineer, NRME Department, University of Connecticut

Preparing Your Greenhouse for a Hurricane, 2013, Skip Paul, Wishingstone Farm, Little Compton, RI.

Also, in recent winters, frigid temperatures and frequent snow storms caused delays of shipments of plugs and cuttings for spring production which arrived chilled or frozen. The damage often showed within a few hours after exposure to warmer temperatures.
Learn to recognize the damage. See this article with photos: “Chilling Injury on Cuttings: What to look for by Tom Dudek, Michigan State University Extension.

Fact Sheet: Reducing Storm Damage to Your Greenhouse

Massachusetts Emergency Management

Mass. Dept. of Agricultural Resources Farm Emergency Plan Template

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