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Greenhouse Updates: April 20, 2022

Aphidius Species for Biological Control of Aphids
April 20, 2022

Biological control of aphids can be successful if beneficial insects are released into the greenhouse before an outbreak occurs. Growers often introduce two species of parasitic wasps to manage aphids. Aphidius colemani and A. ervi are either introduced freely or are reared on banker plants infested with aphid species that do not feed on greenhouse crops. The wasps then move into greenhouse crops and parasitize any aphids they find there. A. colemani prefers smaller prey such as green peach and melon aphids, while A. ervi attacks larger species such as foxglove and potato aphids. It is therefore important to know what species of aphid is present; in the absence of a species ID, Aphidius colemani and A. ervi may be released together. For more information contact your biological control provider or see our newly updated fact sheets:

Green peach aphids on pansy 1 (A. Madeiras) Green peach aphids on pansy 2 (A. Madeiras) Green peach aphids on pansy 3 (A. Madeiras)







- Dr. Angela Madeiras, Extension Educator & Diagnostician, UMass Extension Plant Diagnostic Lab