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UMass Extension Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture

The UMass Extension Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture Program supports the greenhouse industry with research and information on environmentally safe production practices and marketing. The greenhouse industry is one of the largest production agriculture moneymakers in Massachusetts's, valued at $78 million dollars. There are over 1000 commercial greenhouse and flower producing operations growing potted plants, perennials, bedding plants and cut flowers. The team's overall goal is to help Massachusetts greenhouse growers remain profitable within the environmental, social, and economic climate of the state.

Floral Notes Newsletter
Floral Notes Newsletter

Floral Notes is a newsletter published bimonthly, providing research-based information on greenhouse crop production, pest management and related topics. See archived copies here.  Floral Notes is also available via email by subscription. Contact Douglas Cox at

Greenhouse Pest & Disease Guides Web Apps
Greenhouse Pest Guide Website app and
Try our mobile optimized website apps for insect, mite and disease management of greenhouse crops. See the fact sheet 'Useful Apps for Greenhouse Growers' for more app options for greenhouse production.

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