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New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide

New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide and Photo Library

2015 - 2016 New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide
A Management Guide for Insects, Diseases, Weeds and Growth Regulators (300 Pages)

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About the Guide

A comprehensive guide for commercial production of greenhouse ornamentals with information on current pest management and growth regulators. Recommendations include IPM and biological control information for greenhouse crops.

This manual is a compilation of input from the members of the New England State University Extension Systems of Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island and Raymond Cloyd, Kansas State University.

New for 2015

  • 300 pages of up-to-date recommendations for nonchemical and chemical management of greenhouse insects, mites, diseases, weeds and algae, plus recommendations for using plant growth regulators
  • Guidelines specific to New England, in a durable plastic comb binding.
  • Extensive, practical information about using natural enemies to manage insects and mites.
  • Details about how to use pesticides safely and effectively, and how to mitigate development of pesticide resistance.

The Guide is designed to provide commercial growers with technical information on pest management (weeds, diseases and insects) and growth regulators. Because this is a publication written by professionals from throughout New England, and rewritten every two years, it reflects the current collective knowledge for greenhouse crops for this region. Published by New England Floriculture, Inc., sponsor of the Northeast Greenhouse Conference.

New England Greenhouse Photo Library

An on-line Photo Library is available that contains pictures and descriptions of plants problems associated with insects, mites, diseases, nutrition and cultural problems and also photos of best management practices.

The Photo Library supplements information in The New England Greenhouse Floriculture Guide. The Photo Library is funded by a grant from New England Floriculture Inc., the parent sponsor of the Northeast Greenhouse Conference.

Samples of Sections of the guide

Below are selected sections of the 2015-2016 guide.

Section A: General Pesticide Information

Section B: Integrated Pest Management and Insect Biology

Section C: Disease Management

Section D: Plant Growth Regulators

Section E: Weeds, Algae and Liverworts