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Durfee Conservatory Sports New Website

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Passion flower grows at Durfee Conservatory
March 20, 2014

Looking for a breath of spring somewhere… anywhere? Visit Durfee Conservatory’s new website as well as the greenhouses!  This information-packed website with lovely floral images will help you remember that spring is arriving soon. The Durfee Conservatory is a bit of a hidden gem right on campus. For 147 years, this site has offered visitors a delightful way to experience exotic, home garden, bonsai and other fascinating horitcultural gems plants up close.

Manager Michael Formosi tends to every aspect with exquisite care as he educates all visitors with a great depth of knoweldge about the maintenance of myraid types of plants, koi fish, a pond and how to maintain historical structures, such as the Durfee greenhouses. Treat yourself and your guests to a walk though this treasure. Adjacent courtyard and outdoor gardens compliment the indoor offerings. Spring is to be found inside the Durfee!

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Durfee Conservatory on UMass campus
Durfee Conservatory greenhouse
CAFE and CNS staff take a tour to celebrate spring!