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Peter Jeranyama

Peter Jeranyama
Extension Associate Professor
Plant Physiology
UMass Cranberry Station
Cranberry Station Facility
One State Bog Rd.
E. Wareham, MA 02538

Peter Jeranyama

Extension Associate Professor


Dr. Jeranyama conducts research in cranberry environmental physiology targeted at areas where grower practices can be modified to improve plant performance and conserve resources.  He applies basic principles of plant physiology to study questions related to water use, plant stress (heat and cold), and photosynthesis both in the laboratory and in the field, translating from basic principles to applied research. The research information generated from his research projects is used to develop grower usable recommendations regarding irrigation and frost management practices that improve crop yield and quality and conserve water. This fits the model of the Cranberry Station where the integration of research and extension is emphasized and faculty are expected to conduct research that has both scientific merit and measurable outcomes.