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Masoud Hashemi: This Expert Has Cover Crops Covered

Dr. Hashemi is the epitome of a perfect professor. While he may be a walking textbook on all things soils, pasture management, and cover crops, he is also a very easy man to speak with, listen to and learn from. His is a very congenial personality.

Hashemi is an extension professor in the Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMass Amherst. His work includes teaching (Sustainable Soil and Crop Management, Pasture Management), research and Extension outreach duties. He is UMass Extension’s team leader for Crops, Dairy, Livestock, and Equine.


Masoud Hashemi’s research program is focused on sustainable food and farming systems with special emphasis on using various cover crops to maintain soil health and to enhance environmental quality. His current research projects range from the nitrogen contribution of legumes to brewing barley, grazing cover crops, and weed suppression in spinach and sweet corn by using forage radish. He is also exploring the feasibility of growing fava beans in Massachusetts. (You can see a video made by his team on the fava beans question here.)


He has authored or co-authored four books including: Seed Dormancy and Germination (2000), Postharvest Physiology (1997), Sustainable Agriculture (1996), and Maximizing Crop Yield (1995). He has published over 500 manuscripts and developed more than 120 factsheets that are posted on the Crops, Dairy, Livestock, and Equine (CDLE) website. Hashemi is editor of Crops, Dairy, Livestock, and Equine Newsletter which is published four times a year.


Major outreach activities include statewide presentations and workshops on various topics and he serves as state coordinator and state host of New England Green Pastures. Recently Masoud helped with establishing Northeast Cover Crop Council. He also received a $190,000 grant from Department of Environmental Protection to minimize environmental pollution related to equine operations.  He also serves as the Massachusetts contact for nutrient management, crop production, pasture management.