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Fruit Program News

  • Current Bud Stages at UMass Orchard

    April 29, 2019

    Once again current tree fruit bud stages at the UMass Orchard in Belchertown, MA, including pictures, are available on the UMass Fruit Advisor website: Every year since 2012, a history of current bud stages are also available. In addition, bud stages back to 2001 are archived in Clements Corner on the old UMass Fruit Advisor website here:

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    New England Tree Fruit Management Guide

    April 29, 2019

    The New England Tree Fruit Management Guide, a collaborative publication of tree fruit Extension specialists in each New England state, is available on-line or in print. For New England commercial orchardists, the on-line version at is updated continuously and represents the latest tree fruit production and crop protectant information. It is both desktop and mobile device friendly, and can be a quick handy reference in the field on your smart phone. Individual chapters/sections can also be easily printed for quick reference in the office, spray shed, or for workers. This should be your first go-to for current orchard -- including apple, pear, peach, cherry, and plum -- production and spray schedule information.

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    Decision Support Systems for Massachusetts Apple Growers (and Beyond)

    April 1, 2019
    Decision Support Sytems (DSS's) for Massachusetts Apple Growers (and Beyond): NEWA, RIMpro, and AgRadar
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    Predicting green tip?

    April 1, 2019
    Predicting green tip in apple? Check this out...
  • In-Depth Fruit School - Precision Crop Load Management and PGR Use in Apples

    March 6, 2019

    “Precision Crop Load Management and Plant Growth Regulator Use in Apples” An In-depth School for Fruit Growers March 26 and 27, 2019. The Cornell Fruit Team is pleased to announce an in-depth school for tree fruit growers, extension educators and crop consultants on March 26 and 27, 2019, at the DoubleTree by Hilton in Syracuse, NY. This meeting will be a two-day intensive school focusing on precision crop load management and the applications of plant growth regulators in the orchard. In addition to Cornell speakers, the meeting will feature invited scientists from Washington State University, Pennsylvania State University, and Michigan State University. Industry representatives from MOOG, Valent BioSciences, and AgroFresh will participate on March 26 and 27. The meeting attendance will be limited to 150 people so we urge to register early before the space is filled up. The meeting is being advertised to members of the fruit production industries in the eastern US.The in-depth school will serve as a vehicle for fruit industry leaders to learn of advances in precision orchard management and to catch a vision of the future use of computer vision and robotics to manage crop load precisely. It will also allow growers to give input to this vision. Details and registration information are available at the site: For more information call Gemma Osborne at 315-787-2248, or email at

    In-Depth Fruit School Brochure

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  • Spotted Lanternfly Alert

    February 22, 2019
    Mass deaprtment of Agriculture confirms dead SLF in private Boston residence.

    Spotted lanternfly adult

  • 2019 Mass Aggie Seminars Scheduled

    January 27, 2019

    Mass Aggie is for You

    Each year the UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture and the UMass Extension offer one or more workshop series on topics of general interest to homeowners and small scale farmers.  In the past workshops have been offered in fruit tree grafting, pruning, wildflower identification, and cider making.  All workshops have a hands-on component that will help participants gain new skills that they can use in their own gardens or landscapes.

    See the link(s) below for the latest offerings:

    Click here for the Mass Aggie Seminar Spring 2019 schedule

    2019 Mass Aggie flyer


  • Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Series 2019

    January 27, 2019

    Wondering where to begin with food safety? Start here! The PSA Grower Training is currently the only official FDA-recognized produce safety training to help growers implement Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) and understand their responsibilities under new Federal regulations. Whether you have a farm that is fully covered by the law or a small, exempt farm and you’re just looking for information, this training is for you.


    The PSA Grower Training Course satisfies the FSMA Produce Safety Rule requirement outlined in § 112.22(c) that requires ‘At least one supervisor or responsible party for your farm must have successfully completed food safety training at least equivalent to that received under standardized curriculum recognized as adequate by the Food and Drug Administration.’ The training is also required for participation in Massachusetts’ Commonwealth Quality Program.


    Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training Series 2019


    Each program can also be accessed from the UMass website:


  • International Fruit Tree Association 2019 Conference

    December 28, 2018
    Welcome to 2019 IFTA Annual Conference and Tours. February 25-29, 2019. Holiday Inn, Rochester, NY. We are excited to bring you a top notch program featuring leaders in the Fruit Tree Industry and informative orchard tours.  Your 2019 registration includes: Two Full Days of speakers/presentations        Two Full Days of Orchard Tours with 14 stops   
  • Apple Maggot Fly on watch

    November 12, 2018
    Stockbridge School of Agriculture and Extension Asscoiate Professor Dr. Jaime Piñero awarded two grants to study noxious and invasive insect pests affecting tree fruit.