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Protecting Massachusetts specialty crops from two invasive pests through monitoring, research, and outreach.

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Center for Agriculture, Food, & the Environment
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Funding: MA Department of Agricultural Resources


Massachusetts is on high alert for the potential invasion of the spotted lanternfly (SLF). Specialty crop producers are dealing with increased pressure from the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB), an invasive pest that has become established and is already causing economic injury in hotspots throughout the state. Two University of Massachusetts Extension programs (the Landscape, Nursery, and Urban Forestry Program and the Fruit Program), the Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and the Department of Environmental Conservation are joining forces to monitor for SLF in MA, to conduct Extension/outreach on both invasive pests, and to conduct applied research aimed at (1) identifying attractive lures for SLF and (2) monitoring for the Samurai wasp, an egg parasitoid of the BMSB. This information is important given the potential implementation of biological control of BMSB in agricultural areas while potentially reducing urban and suburban home invasions of BMSB. 


Results: have not been published yet.


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Insects & Mites