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Multi-State Coordinated Evaluation of Wine Grape Cultivars and Clones

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Stockbridge School of Agriculture
Project Description: 

This multi-state project capitalizes on the varying growing conditions throughout the Eastern United States and the expertise at multiple participating universities and colleges.  Grapevine germplasm evaluation across multiple sites is meant to capture the stability of genotypes across the region and characterize potential genotype x environment interactions.  The key aim of this project is to test plant materials so that recommendations can be made to breeders on which lines to advance for cultivar release and to inform stakeholders at the state and regional levels as to which cultivars are suitable for planting.  The replicated experiments outlined are designed to gather yield, pest and disease tolerance, and fruit and wine quality (where available) to inform recommendations for growers and wineries.  Our experience in NE1020 and NE1720 has shown a need for flexibility in entering materials for planting across the project period, identification of appropriate test sites, and quality data collection and reporting.  Further, this project aims to catalog and characterize germplasm improvement (including clones) using a global lens to facilitate exchange of plant materials for testing in this project or by individual researchers or stakeholders.

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