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Floral Notes Newsletters

Please Note: The Floral Notes newsletter is on indefinite hiatus starting with the 2019 calendar year.  Back issues dating to 2012 are archived here for your reference.

Floral Notes 2010 Vol. 23:2
In This Issue:

New Greenhouse Construction Begins at UMass
Marketing to the Post-Recession and Eco-Consumer
Presentation Summary from Summer Field Day
2010 UMass Extension Shelled Corn for Greenhouse Heat Program
Forcing Strategies for a Late-date Easter

Floral Notes 2010 Vol. 23:1
In This Issue:

Calibrachoa: Response to Chemical and Organic Fertilizers
Baptisia australis
Downy Milew on Basil
Pest Management on Poinsettias

Floral Notes 2010 Vol. 22:6
In This Issue:

Growing a Energy and Space Efficient Poinsettia Crop
A Few Pointers for Better Irrigation
A Hedge with an Edge for Erosion Control
Should Production in High Tunnels Be Part of Your Specialty Crop Enterprise

Floral Notes 2010 Vol. 22:5
In This Issue:

Weed Management
Preparing and Sending Samples to the UMass Diagnostic Laboratory
Ornamental Peppers
Garden Retailers and Late Blight
Instructions for Soil Testing

Floral Notes 2010 Vol. 22:4
In This Issue:

Biocontrol for Spring Crops: Propagation
Prevent Iron Chlorosis on Spring Crops
Rainwater Harvesting

Floral Notes 2009 Vol. 22:3
In This Issue:

2010 Easter Lily Schedule
Growth Medium pH and Water Soluble Fertilizers
Upgrade Environmental Control Equipment

Floral Notes 2009 Vol. 22:2
In This Issue:

New Bedding Plants and Annual Garden Flowers
Selecting Energy/Shade Screen System for Greenhouses

Floral Notes 2009 Vol. 22:1
In This Issue:

Photoperiod and Bedding Plants
Organic Fertilizers and Soilless Media Show Promise
Two New "Black" Ornamental Peppers Heading to Market

Floral Notes 2009 Vol. 21:6
In This Issue:

Corn for Greenhouse Heat Project
Nitrogen and Water Loss by Leaching from Different Composted Cranberry Pomace Media

Floral Notes 2009 Vol. 21:5
In This Issue:

Economy Spurs Home Garden Boom
2009 Perennial Plant of the Year
Water: a Limited Factor to Expansion
What's Wrong With My Crop - A Diagnostic Checklist

Floral Notes 2009 Vol. 21:4
In This Issue:

Root Zone Heat: Installation Techniques
Field Trials Assessing Sunscald and Flowering of Coleus Cultivars

Floral Notes 2008 Vol. 21:3
In This Issue:

Growing Vegetable Plants
2009 Easter Lily Schedule
Heating with Bioheat & Waste Oil

Floral Notes 2008 Vol. 21:2
In This Issue:

Geothermal Heat for Greenhouses

Transitioning to Renewable Energy for Greenhouse Heat

Biological Control in Greenhouses: Preparing for Spring Crops