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The UMass Floriculture team conducts research on a variety of subjects related to the greenhouse industry. Subjects include plant nutrition and nutrient-use efficiency, recycling cranberry waste as a growing media, water quality in crop production, biological control of insects, plant disease problems, postharvest physiology and the development of new crops.

Research has been conducted at the University of Massachusetts campus in Amherst, and in partnership with growers at commercial greenhouses throughout Massachusetts. Listed below are articles that summarize results from some of the research.



Growing Media

Plant Nutrition

Height Management

Biological Control

Postharvest Physiology

Water Quality


Other Sources of Floriculture Research

Floriculture InfoSearch Search engine designed for floriculture information from the scientific literature, trade and association magazines/websites, NC State University, and the American Floral Endowment Floriculture Archive (repository of literature dating back to the 1800s).