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Nutrition Bites 2021 Vol. 31:0

In This Issue: 

Staying Healthy – Be Safe When Playing Outdoors

Recipes and Nutrition Tips – Grab a Healthy Snack When You’re on the Go

Physical Activity Tips – Enjoy the Sunshine Outdoors

GardeningTips – Time to Transplant your Seedlings

Food Access Resources in Massachusetts – Use your EBT Card to Experience the Fun and Culture of a Local Museum


Staying Healthy

adult and child hiking with a map Be safe when playing outdoors.

Going outdoors is a great way to take a break from electronics and provides space to move your body. Spend time outside by going to a neighborhood park or playground. Stay safe outdoors by considering the activities you will be doing, the length of time you will be outdoors, and the weather forecast.  

  • Plan out your activites by using online guides and maps.
  • When hiking, follow guidelines for proper trail use and bring a map – check for updated trail conditions online before you go.
  • Don’t forget to bring your water to stay hydrated and snacks that travel safely and do not need refrigeration.  
  • Protect yourself from the sun with sunscreen, a hat, lightweight light-colored long pants, and a shirt with long sleeves.
  • Know the limits of your physical ability and enjoy activities you are comfortable doing.


Recipes and Nutrition Tips

energy bites snacks Grab a healthy snack when you’re on the go.  

Looking for a new healthy snack idea for your family? Try our No-Bake Energy Bites recipe! With only five ingredients, these bites are packed with nutrients such as protein, fiber, and healthy fats to keep you full until your next meal. You can easily store and eat these on the go. Swap out peanut butter with another nut butter or sunflower butter for an allergy-friendly version. Add your favorite dried fruit for a touch of sweetness.  


Take a look at North Dakota State University’s Energy Bites recipe too!


Physical Activity Tips

kids flying a kite Let’s enjoy the sunshine outdoors.

Spring has sprung, and with extra hours of daylight there is more time to venture outdoors! Here are some ideas for enjoying the longer days and warmer weather.

  • Play the I Spy scavenger game. Take a walk around your neighborhood and challenge yourself or a friend to find a particular list of items.
  • Fly a kite. Channel your inner child by flying an inexpensive kite in your local park or in large open space.
  • Use sidewalk chalk to create artistic drawings or set up games like hopscotch to get your body moving.
  • Explore nature and beautiful scenery. Find local hiking trails at


planting seedling It’s time to transplant your seedlings.

Knowing when to transplant your seedlings is critical for them to thrive. Seedlings are ready to transplant when they have grown their true leaves. True leaves are the second set of leaves that a plant puts out after the seed sprouts. It’s best to wait till a seedling has three or four sets of true leaves. True leaves are able to perform photosynthesis, the process a plant uses to make its food. If you wait too long to transplant your seedlings, the roots will run out of room to grow.

Dig a hole in your planting bed about twice as large as the root ball. The root ball is the dirt around the roots. Add some fertilizer to the soil, place your plant into the hole, gently tamp dirt down around the plant with your fingers to fill in any air pockets, and give the plant a little water.



Food Access Resources in Massachusetts

museum visit Use your EBT card to experience the fun and culture of a local museum.

The Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA) has collaborated with the Massachusetts Cultural Council to offer free or discounted admissions to many museums and cultural institutions in Massachusetts.

Visit to search by region and locate an organization to visit free or at a discounted price when you show your EBT card.

Please note that hours or services may differ due to COVID-19.


Nutrition Bites Issue 31

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