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State Office - Amherst:

UMass Extension
Nutrition Education Program

Department of Nutrition
205 Chenoweth Lab
100 Holdsworth Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9282


Lacresha Bowers, MS, RDN, LD
Nutrition Education Program Director


The UMass Extension Nutrition Education Program (NEP) provides families with the knowledge and skills for healthier eating through research-based nutrition education that makes a real difference. The Amherst NEP office does not provide nutrition education programming in communities, but administers the following statewide programs:

Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP)

EFNEP provides practical, skill-based nutrition education to low-income families with young children and to youth up to age 18 from these families.  Adults participate in a series of small group sessions led by an EFNEP educator from their communities.  The award-winning curriculum Choices:  Steps Toward Health emphasizes nutrition, food shopping, and food safety while engaging participants in group discussions, cooking demonstrations, food tasting, fun physical activities, and other hands-on learning.  Cost effectiveness studies in a number of states have shown that for every dollar spent on EFNEP, $3 to $10 were saved on lower health care costs and increased productivity.  EFNEP youth participate in a series of group sessions, learning about healthy food and beverage choices, food preparation, food safety and fitness/physical activities.  EFNEP programming is based out of our offices in Lawrence, Raynham, Springfield, and Worcester.

For more information about EFNEP contact:
Lynn Beattie, MPH, LDN, CLC
Materials, Evaluation and Training Manager


Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Education (SNAP-Ed)

SNAP-Ed provides a variety of nutrition education programs and resources for adults and youth who receive or are eligible for SNAP benefits.  SNAP-Ed’s mission is to help SNAP participants make healthy food choices and choose active lifestyles within a limited budget.  Programs are planned annually with the Massachusetts Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA), community agencies, and schools throughout the Commonwealth.  SNAP-Ed activities include nutrition education workshops; nutrition lessons and follow-up activities in schools; food demonstrations at farmers’ markets; interactive displays; a website and blog providing healthy recipes, shopping tips, and meal planning ideas; and a toll-free telephone tips line.  Print materials include various newsletters for teachers, parents, caregivers, and children as well as colorful posters promoting fresh fruits and vegetables.  SNAP-Ed programming is based out of our offices in Barnstable, Boston, Lawrence, Raynham, Springfield, and Worcester.

For more information about SNAP-Ed contact:

Kathy Cunningham, MEd, RD, LDN
Acting Director and Snap Ed Multi-level Specialist