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bunch of beets

Produce Spotlight on Beets

Beets are filled with nutrients like iron, fiber, potassium, folate, and antioxidants. These nutrients help our heart, blood, and digestive system. Fresh beets are available year-round but might be less expensive and fresher from July through October.


Shopping for Beets

When shopping, look for firm, round beets with smooth skin and a deep color. If the leaves are still attached, make sure they are green and not wilted. For the best flavor, choose small to medium-sized beets (up to 2½ inches across).

Common Types

Red beets – the most famous variety; these sweet-tasting beets are dark red or purple in color with large green leaves.

White beets – white or tan in color with tall green stems and leaves.

Chioggia beets – sweet; when cut, the inside flesh has rings of red and white.

Golden beets – yellow or orange in color with large green leaves, which can also be eaten raw or cooked.

Storage and Preparation

  • Store unwashed beets in an open or perforated plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to three weeks.

  • Scrub beets gently under running water before cooking.

  • Beets can be cooked ahead of time to shorten preparation time in a recipe; refrigerate and use within five days.  

  • Whole unpeeled beets can be cooked by the following methods: boil, microwave, or slow cooker. Unpeeled beets can be cut up and roasted.

  • Cooked beets can be frozen in an airtight container labeled with the date.

Serving Ideas

  • Use beets in a smoothie along with fruits and other vegetables.
  • Beet greens can be sautéed or used raw in a salad.
  • Cooked beets can be mixed with other vegetables and used as a topping for salads, dip, and salsa.


Beet Math

One pound of fresh beets =

2 medium beets with tops or 2 cups sliced. One 15-ounce can of beets =

1 cup when drained.

Using Locally Grown Produce

For recipes featuring fruits and vegetables, visit our website To locate places to buy local produce, visit


Nutrition Facts

Serving size: 100g; Calories: 43; Carbohydrates: 9.56g; Fiber: 2.8g; Fat: 0.17g; Saturated fat: 0.03; Sodium: 78mg