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Veggies Are Fun

bunches of vegetables

Are you concerned that your child doesn’t like vegetables?

Make eating veggies fun— the recipe and ideas in this newsletter will help. Remember that children learn by watching you. If they see you eating vegetables, they will too!


You can help your child eat a variety of vegetables

  • Children love to be involved in preparing food. Make meals and snacks together.
  • Sometimes it takes 10 or more tries for your child to like a new food. So keep trying!
  • Make sure veggies are in reach. Have cut-up vegetables in the refrigerator for healthy snacking.
  • At the store, ask your child to help you find different colored vegetables in the produce aisle.
  • Some children like veggies raw, and some like them cooked. Find out how your child likes vegetables served.

Children love to get involved in the kitchen

Make this Savory Broccoli Salad recipe together.