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Anne Averill

Anne Averill
Entomology, Insects, Pollination
Environmental Conservation Dept.
301A Holdsworth Hall
University of Massachusetts
160 Holdsworth Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9285

My research addresses fundamental and applied aspects of insect/plant interactions, resource partitioning in ephermeral host plant resources, insect mating, and insect chemical ecology; the health and role of native bees with a focus on pathogens, landuse, and pesticide impacts; long-term survey of native pollinators of the Northeast, with a focus on declining bumble bee species; and biology and management of cranberry pest insects. My applied research/extension long-term career goals have been to lead the transition of the MA cranberry industry to biointensive, reduced-risk management of key insect pests and to understand and protect native pollinator communities in cranberry farm systems.