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David Julian McClements

David Julian McClements
Professor, Fergus Clydesdale Endowed Chair
Food biopolymers and colloids; oral delivery systems; gastrointestinal fate of nutrients and nutraceuticals; food nanotechnology
(413) 545-1019
Food Science Dept.
Chenoweth Laboratory, Room 250
University of Massachusetts
100 Holdsworth Way
Amherst, MA 01003-9282

The primary objective of the biopolymer and colloids research group is to establish the molecular-colloidal basis for the physicochemical and physiological properties of foods and their components, such as their texture, flavor, appearance, shelf-life, and nutrition. A better understanding of this subject will enable food scientists to design and manufacture high-quality healthful food products in a more systematic and cost-effective fashion. Particular research projects include: (i) development of structural design approaches to improve emulsion stability and performance; (ii) development of novel encapsulation and delivery systems; (iii) determination of physicochemical basis of the bioactivity of nutrients and nutraceuticals.