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4-H Program Delivery and Volunteer Management

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More than 22% of the population of Massachusetts is under age 18. These young people are the future workforce and leaders of our state and our nation. The healthy development of these youth cannot be left to chance. Since 1919, the Massachusetts 4-H Program has provided support, resources and educational opportunities to Massachusetts youth. The mission of Massachusetts 4-H is to prepare youth to become independent and contributing members of society by providing them with the tools they need to be successful.

A statewide network of hundreds of dedicated volunteers and leaders serve as mentors and role models to 4-H youth throughout the state. Volunteers lead a variety of clubs, school enrichment activities and special interest programs that emphasize experiential learning and help youth build valuable life skills. 4-H Educators collaborate with volunteers to plan and deliver local programs, such as animal science, visual presentation programs, and community service projects that have a lasting effect on youth and a positive impact on the future success and vitality of Massachusetts

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