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Pesticide Education

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Center for Agriculture, Food, & the Environment
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Pesticides are vital tools for controlling pests and maintaining an adequate food supply. If used improperly, pesticides can also threaten human health and the natural environment. Inexperienced applicators, accidents, inadequate protection and equipment continue to be areas of concern that increase the potential for negative personal and environmental impacts from pesticide exposure.

The Pesticide Education Project works closely with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources to educate pesticide users about safe application, state regulation and proper use of pesticides in Massachusetts. The UMass Extension Pesticide Education team is also part of a New England Pest Management Network that collaborates to gather information on pest management and pesticide use for important crops and sites throughout New England and to identify pest management needs and inform state regulations. This project helps agricultural and green industry businesses stay competitive and relevant through education on new pests and new pest management strategies, environmental issues that affect their industry, and continued notice of updates to local and federal laws and regulations.

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