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Olivia R. Capriotti

Olivia R. Capriotti
Project Title: 
Understanding Microclimatic Factors of Cranberry Bogs to Improve Fruit Quality
Program Year: 
Journalism, Spanish, Sustainable Food & Farming
Leela Uppala

This summer, I had the opportunity to work at the UMass Cranberry Station in East Wareham, MA. As part of the Research and Extension team, I loved knowing that my research experience will contribute to a multi-year project that is projected to assist growers in the community and active stakeholders. My goal was to obtain microclimatic data from several bogs throughout southeastern Massachusetts such as canopy density, bloom count, and new growth from uprights to assess variability and how these factors can correlate with fruit rot and quality.  Ultimately, the project serves as a way to develop best practices for cultural management that can enhance economic and environmental sustainability within the cranberry industry.