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Pesticide Recertification Training Workshops

UMass Extension Pesticide Education conducts pesticide recertification training workshops in Winter and Fall. The Fall 2023 workshops will be posted at this website in mid-October.  These workshops are designed to provide both licensed and certified applicators with current information regarding the safe and effective use of pesticides. Applicators can gain contact hours towards recertification in addition to a current understanding of pesticide issues and their responsibilities as pesticide applicators in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It is your responsibility to select workshops that are appropriate for your license or certification. If you have any questions about these workshops you can contact the Pesticide Education office at

Recertification Training Workshop Schedule

Click on the workshop title to register and receive more information for the workshop.    Some of these workshops are livestreaming and count towards in-person/livestreaming requirements for Massachusetts recertification contact hours.  Contact the meeting organizer if you have questions about a workshop.

Click on title to Register Date & Time Location Categories Contact Hours
Special Topics for Pesticide Applicators



Live Zoom Online For all categories of MA pesticide licenses 2.0
Weed Walkabout



Case Estates, Weston, MA Applicator's License and only Certification categories 36,37,40 3.0
Conifer Disease Walk



Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA Applicator's License and only Certification categories: 29,35,36,40 2.0

Common Questions


How many contact hours are needed?

In 1993, the Massachusetts Department Agricultural Resources (MDAR) revised the recertification training requirements. A summary of requirements for each license category is listed below.

License Contact Hours
Dealer's License 3
Applicator's License 6
Private Certification 12
Commercial Certification** 12
**Must receive 12 contact hours in each category.


How do I prove that I attended these workshops?


You will receive a UMass Extension Certificate of Attendence when you attend these workshops. If you are audited by the Department, you will need to send in these forms.

Are these the only workshops that offer contact hours?

No, there are several groups that sponsor programs which include pesticide recertification training. Check with your professional association.

Does UMass Extension offer any other training?

Yes, we offer training on a variety of topics for all agricultural commodities and green industry. If you would like an access guide to UMass Extension programs, contact the Pesticide Education Office at