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Extension in Northeastern Massachusetts

About Northeastern Massachusetts

The northeast region of Massachusetts is composed of Essex, Middlesex and Suffolk counties. The largest city in the region is Boston.

Expanding New England Winter Farmers’ Markets

It’s official: eating local vegetables all winter has become popular—and easy.

A four-year UMass Extension project has just wrapped up that aimed to support New England farmers as they expanded their vegetable production and sales into the winter months in response to the increasing public desire for year-round access to local food.  The project was supported by a grant from USDA’s Sustainable Agricultural Research and Education program (SARE).

‘No smoking gun’: Pipeline environmental impact report cite positives, negatives of route

April 22

A new, detailed report on the proposed Tennessee Gas Pipeline route through western Massachusetts points to its impact on protected open space dedicated to agriculture and conservation, and especially on Franklin County’s primary habitat for rare species habitat, wetlands wildlife habitat and communities of biodiversity. (4/22/15 The Recorder; 5/13/15 Hampshire Gazette)

Have a Great Food Product Idea? Ready to Grow Your Business?

If you have plans to become a successful food entrepreneur, Amanda Kinchla wants to be sure you understand the risks and rewards associated with food production.  Kinchla, an Assistant Extension Professor of Food Science at UMass Amherst,  recently taught a course (“Product Development Considerations – Beyond the Concept”) on food safety principles at two food processing incubator and business development centers, one in eastern Mass.

Agricultural innovation is sprouting in Massachusetts

New England agriculture is fostering new approaches and new crops that are helping growers remain profitable and serve communities. Often, this involves a new interpretation or application of some of the most traditional techniques.

One place where this kind of innovation has long taken place is UMass Amherst’s Waltham Experiment Station, the birthplace of the Waltham Butternut Squash and now the site of the Waltham Fields Community Farm (WFCF) and its World Crops Project.