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Nutrition Bites is a weekly newsletter that highlights helpful information on staying safe, an easy and healthy recipe to try with your family, physical activity ideas, and food resources in your area. We know you are taking extra steps to keep you and your family safe during this pandemic. Our goal is to work together and provide information to help our community maintain the safety of us all.

Nutrition Bites 2020 Vol. 6:0

In This Issue:

Staying Safe  Understanding Product Dates

Recipe and Nutrition Tips  Berry Secret Smoothie, an Easy Breakfast or Snack

Physical Activity Tips  Strength Exercise

Food Access Resources in Massachusetts Pandemic EBT Benefits

Nutrition Bites 2020 Vol. 5:0

In This Issue:

Staying Safe  Handle Raw Meat and Poultry Safely

Recipe and Nutrition Tips Skillet Lasagna, an Easy One-Pot Meal

Physical Activity Tips Tame Your Inner Stress

Food Access Resources in Massachusetts  Support Local Agriculture

Nutrition Bites 2020 Vol. 4:0

In This Issue:

Staying Safe  Keep a Clean Kitchen

Recipe and Nutrition Tips – Cooking with Pasta and Vegetables

Physical Activity Tips Stretch to Improve Flexibility

Food Access Resources in Massachusetts WIC and SNAP Programs

Nutrition Bites 2020 Vol. 3:0

In This Issue:

Staying Safe Food Safety in Four Steps

Recipe and Nutrition Tips – Enjoy Whole Grains and Fried Rice Recipe

Physical Activity Tips Create an Obstacle Course

Food Access Resources in Massachusetts Using Foods You Have on Hand

Nutrition Bites 2020 Vol. 2:0

In This Issue:

Staying Safe  Washing Fresh Produce

Recipe and Nutrition Tips Healthy Breakfast for the Whole Family

Physical Activity Tips  Add Movement to Your Day

Food Access Resources in Massachusetts  Shopping Local

Nutrition Bites 2020 Vol. 1:0

In This Issue:

Staying Safe Hand Washing

Recipe and Nutrition Tips – Turkey Chili with Pasta

Physical Activity Tips Increase Physical Activity at Home

Food Access Resources in Massachusetts Applying for Benefits

Nutrition Bites 2020 Vol. 1:0

In This Issue:

Nutrition Bites es un boletín semanal que destaca información útil sobre cómo mantenerse seguro, una receta fácil y saludable que puede probar con su familia, ideas para actividades físicas y recursos alimentarios en su área. Sabemos que usted está tomando pasos adicionales para protegerse a sí mismo y a su familia durante esta pandemia. Nuestro objetivo es trabajar juntos y proporcionar información para ayudar a nuestra comunidad a mantenernos todos seguros.