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Hayley Kozikowski

Hayley Kozikowski
Project Title: 
Insect-Eating Fungi Present in the Soil of Massachusetts Orchards
Program Year: 
Sustainable Food and Farming

Hi, I am a junior in the Sustainable Food and Farming program at the Stockbridge School of Agriculture (UMass Amherst). I took a few years off after high school to live out of my backpack with no bank account and a minimally-structured schedule, showing up in new cities with no particular plan other than following what called from the mysterious depths around me, or somehow ending up in the middle of miles of sweeping cotton fields in the summer Georgia heat after 12 hours with no sign of my water bottle and only a lemon for hydration. I have returned to Massachusetts and left again, and again, and at some point, enrolled at UMASS. I enjoy studying different approaches to growing food, the spectrum of beneficial competition among microbes and insects, and how small-scale greenhouse permaculture joined with sustainable autonomous housing can provide some food -not necessarily all food- with minimal maintenance for families.

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