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Lauren Ho

Lauren Ho
Project Title: 
Effects of Jasmonic Acid on Cherry Tomato Fruit Quality
Program Year: 
Biochemistry and Food Science

I am a freshman majoring in Food Science as well as Biochemistry at UMass Amherst. Being a ‘novel foods' enthusiast (basically means futuristic food), I have been inclined to explore plant-based and laboratory-synthesized food products. This summer, I was fortunately accepted into the REEU internship, and had a lot of opportunities to study agriculture and have hands-on experience in this field. These precious experiences gave me a whole new perspective about food production and issues in agriculture we are facing right now. That is the reason why I took interest in how tomato plant stress can help to increase fruit yield and provide better fruit quality, which I believe can make a change in growing practice in the future. To be honest, I encountered many challenges along the way. I still remember the time when I became so stressed out because I realized it takes more than a summer for a tomato plant to have fruit! I also came across another challenge using the colorimeter –an instrument used to quantify the color of fruit samples, which I had never used before. However, with the help of everyone, including Dr. Jaime Piñero, my two program coordinators Zoe and Mateo, and my colleagues, I am happier and more confident about my independent project, and was happy to end my wonderful summer with memorable results.

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Ho's REEU Symposium Presentation