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Lily Harris-Henry

Lily Harris-Henry
Project Title: 
Practical English Course Survey for Hispanic Migrant Workers
Program Year: 
Political Science

I grew up in Northfield, Massachusetts. I am currently a junior majoring in Political Science and pursuing a Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Certificate at UMass Amherst. For almost a decade, I have worked as a fieldworker, which involves harvesting, weeding, and livestock care. I have seen the difficulties that farmers and farm workers face firsthand. I have also witnessed the role that immigrant field workers play in getting food to our tables. They are doing the backbreaking farm work that keeps our food system running but often struggle to make ends meet. I want to use my political science degree towards immigrant integration, specifically farmworkers. My goal is to help immigrants access the available resources and to maximize integration into their communities. The REEU internship has given me the opportunity to connect with many local workers and to try to create an English curriculum tailored to their needs.

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Mateo Rull Garza steps in for Lily to discuss her survey findings