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Marcel Pattavina

Project Title: 
Surveying Farmers Perspectivesd on Integrated Pest Management strategies in Massachusetts
Program Year: 
Sustainable Community Development

I am a rising senior at the University of Massachusetts earning a degree in Sustainable Community Development with a concentration in green infrastructure and climate change. My major involves creating a more sustainable environment with a focus on how to reduce greenhouse gas, improve resilience and livability, and to enhance ecology through design and planning in large urban areas. When I was 15 I first came across the concept of sustainability while creating a windmill that conducts electricity for my science class. The idea of greenhouse gasses affecting the environment fascinated me, and I knew that I could potentially

attend college pursuing a degree that addresses the hardships created by climate change. This internship has taught me how Agriculture fits into a sustainable community, and how farmers attempt to manage pests through sustainable farming practices to reduce pesticide use. I am extremely grateful for this opportunity, as visiting farms, participating in modules and completing a research project has taught me the extensive impact of agriculture on my hometown community Greenfield Massachusetts, and communities spanning across New England.