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Mateo Rull Garza

Mateo Rull Garza
REEU Research Coordinator
Program Year: 
M.S. in Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences

¡Hola! I am a native Mexican who immigrated to Massachusetts in 2016. Two years after, I graduated from Frontier Regional High School and began my Biological Sciences degree at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. There, I spent almost four years investigating the biological mechanisms of underwater feeding, as well as a summer studying primate speech evolution at the University of Chicago. During my undergraduate tenure, I was trained to understand the interactions between animals and their environment, so I was thrilled to apply this knowledge by working for UMass Extension. Currently, I keep busy developing multiple projects related to Integrated Pest Management in Jaime Piñero’s laboratory. In addition to this, I have had the pleasure to serve as the REEU research coordinator of the 2022 cohort. Throughout the summer, I mentored the REEU students in the scientific process and helped them develop their own, independent research projects. The diversity in scopes and foci of the REEU student projects granted me the opportunity to grow as a scientist, an extension professional, and a mentor. In the future, I aim to specialize in ecology and evolutionary biology and help bring sustainable solutions to modern problems using tools granted to us by the natural world.

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