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Maxwell Francke

Maxwell Francke
Pear psylla management via strategic waterspout pruning
Program Year: 
Natural Resources Conservation & Sustainable Food and Farming

I am a senior working on a double major in Natural Resources Conservation and Sustainable Food and Farming at UMass Amherst. I grew up on Cape Cod where I was able to explore nature freely and adventurously, building my interests in the natural sciences. I have had a meandering journey studying bat flight in wind turbines, monitoring coastal birds living on Cape Cod beaches, cultivating and teaching sustainability at the UMass Permaculture garden, and as an assistant for a UMass wildlife data collection project. For my REEU 2022 project, I studied pear psylla using Integrated Pest Management techniques. I want to explore my many different interests before settling on a specific career path and pursuing a master’s degree. Overall, I feel satisfied with the variety of experiences my undergraduate time has given me. In the future, I am interested in improving how humans interact with their environment and diving into the field of policymaking and community planning, specifically how community planning/culture can affect the environment.

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Francke's REEU Symposium Presentation