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Honey Bee Microscope Workshop

Bee Workshops

UMass Extension offers workshops on pollinator health and honey bee management. Check out our 2019 programs:

April 6 - Honey Bees Under the Microscope (Amherst, MA)

  • Dissect a bee to learn about bee anatomy! In collaboration with MDAR
  • 9am-4pm, $45


May 4 - Fight the Mite! (Amhest MA)

  • All-day hands-on workshop about Integrated Pest Management and managing mites. In collaboration with MDAR and UMass Pesticide Safety Education
  • 9am-3pm, $40

June 2 - Creating Pollinator Forage on the Landscape (Amherst MA)

  • Learn about planting for pollinators with Tom Sullivan from "Polinators Welcome"
  • 8:30-12:30, $25


Aug 3 - Non-Chemical Varroa Management Tools that Work (Amherst MA)

  • Learn about non-chemical varroa management tools with queen rearers Sam Comfort and Angela Roell

  • Quick Details: 9am-3pm, $40 fee. 

Aug 17 – Fight the Mite! 9am-4pm (Newton, MA)

Learn how to FIGHT THE MITE! This full-day, interactive workshop, co-hosted by the MDAR Apiary Team and UMass Extension, will leave you prepared to control Varroa in your hives. It will include:

  • HANDS-ON DEMOS showing how to apply miticides and use non-chemical tools. 
  • Demos of proper SAFETY procedures.
  • Practice creating an INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) plan.
  • Participants will be challenged with a HANDS-ON CASE STUDY, in which they will have to make mite management decisions and apply mock chemicals. 

The cost of the workshop is $50. Please pay at the door with cash or check. Included in your registration:

  • Bee-themed T-SHIRT
  • Alcohol wash jar and bin; safety goggles
  • Mite management brochure and other print materials
  • To register, visit the event page here

This will be a repeat of the Fight the Mite workshop held in Amherst on May 4 (the cost has increased slightly to cover the cost of the new location!)

November 2 – Honey Bees Under the Microscope (Gordon College, Wenham MA)

  • Details coming soon!!
  • This will be a repeat of the microscope workshop held in Amherst on April 6. 


Photos from past workshops!

Honey Bees Under the Microscope, April 6

Photos from microscope workshop


Fight the Mite, May 4

Fight the mite photo 1 Fight the mite photo 2 Fight the mite photo 3 Fight the mite photo 4