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Brittany Gold

Brittany Gold
Project Title: 
Investigating the Potential of Tulane Virus, a Human Norovirus Surrogate, to Develop Enhanced Recalcitrance After Serial Subfatal Heat Treatments
Program Year: 
Matthew Moore

During the course of the CAFE Summer Scholars program I learned how to conduct and convey scientific research in an effective way. Over the course of the program I have worked on understanding how human noroviruses may have the ability to adapt to common disinfection measures, such as heat, which could be contributing to emergence of pandemic causing strains to persist in communities.  This program and my research on noroviruses has allowed me to navigate scientific outreach and learn how to convey my research findings in a way that the everyday public would understand. This now equips me with the ability to help educate the community on a relevant research topic that affects lives globally. Through the help of my PI, Matt Moore, and program advisors, Erica Light and William Miller, I feel confident in my ability to conduct research to help contribute to the larger purpose of conducting science: to help the public through establishing a repertoire of knowledge in communities that can solve many problems we are facing in the world today.