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Eamon Breen

Eamon Breen
Project Title: 
Potential for Solar PV on MA Highway Sound Barriers
Program Year: 
Urban Geography and French Studies
Dwayne Breger

The research I was privileged to take part in this summer as a member of the CAFE Summer Scholars Program is something I will look back fondly on for years to come. With the aid of my supervisor, Dwayne Breger, I learned practical skills and habits toward research and execution of goals. Upon beginning the project, I was unsure of how research into something as specialized as noise barrier solar arrays would develop, but under Dwayne’s guidance it took form into something I am continually proud of today. For a very long time, I have wanted to pursue a career that makes a positive impact, and I feel as though my CAFE summer scholars project with Dwayne has set me on course to do just that. In the end, I am proud of the result and look forward to where this work could lead me down the road.