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Isaac Gordin

Isaac Gordin
Project Title: 
Quantifying 40 years of forest dynamics in UMass experimental forests
Program Year: 
Forest Ecology
Malcolm Itter

I worked with Malcolm Itter in the Applied Forest Ecology lab this past summer. As a research assistant I was in charge of scanning tree cores into a computer. Once scanned the tree cores are aged and analyzed. These data are used to analyze radial tree growth, past climate conditions, and forest dynamics. The other part of my research experience was sampling continuous forest inventory plots that were a part of the university’s forests. At Mount Toby State Forest and Cadwell Memorial Forest there were plots established to monitor forest health. Every ten years these plots were sampled for data including tree species, diameter at breast height, vigor, crown class, and crowding. With the help of Malcolm Itter, Bill Patterson, and notes from prior years we were able to continue the data collection. Over the next years the remaining data will be collected and large scale analyses will be conducted.