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Jack Soucie

Jack Soucie
Project Title: 
Wildlife Surveys at Solar Facilities: Guide to Recommended Methodologies
Program Year: 
Natural Resources Conservation
Zara Dowling

My project this summer focused on creating an in-depth literature review about surveying biodiversity at solar facilities. Through the reading of over 60 peer-reviewed articles and a few books, I was able to determine the most effective and efficient ways of surveying different taxa at these facilities. They may not be the best methods for any habitat type, but the unique layout and structures in solar facilities require specific methods to be the best. The literature review was most of the work, and that was followed by creating a protocol for all of these methods for others to be able to view. It became a “one-stop-shop” for all taxa, that would provide researchers or solar facility employees with a list of materials, steps for the procedures, and key sources to look at for each and every type of wildlife or vegetation being surveyed. This, along with the data sheets I created for this project, provides all one would need to start surveying biodiversity at a solar facility.