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Julianna Applegate

Julianna Applegate
Project Title: 
4-H Youth Programming Promotes the 5 C’s of the Positive Youth Development Theory
Program Year: 
Animal Science
Carrie Chickering-Sears

This summer I worked with Carrie Chickering-Sears at the UMass 4-H Extension Office as an Animal Science Intern. I helped run 4-H Animal Science summer programming, including veterinary science academies, beef showing academies, and pet first aid kit work-shops. I also developed a research project to determine the effects that 4-H programming had on the Positive Youth Development Theory for 4-H youth in Massachusetts. I was looking to see if 4-H activities and programming supported this theory, and if it did, why this would be helpful to parents who are looking for beneficial activities for their children. I did conclude, through my research, that 4-H successfully promotes the Positive Youth Development Theory, and I had a great time discussing my research and results with others at the poster session.

I worked with many 4-H youth and 4-H educators over the summer through my internship experience. It was overall an amazing opportunity to gain more knowledge about Animal Science in the Western Massachusetts area, and to learn more about the impact of the UMass 4-H Extension program.

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